cubicweb_web - And how to use it with CubicWeb#

cubicweb_web is a cube which used to be part of CubicWeb. It provides a lot of generic HTML views and a controller mechanism.

First steps#


CubicWeb offers two different ways of routing : one internal to CubicWeb and a one with the pyramid framework.

  • Principle:

    • cubicweb and pyramid

    • the CW request object

    • the pyramid request object

    • encapsulation of the CW request in the pyramid request

    • bw_compat and the options to use, fallback when CW doesn’t find anything

  • CubicWeb routing:

  • Pyramid routing:

    • general principles

    • predicates

    • tweens

    • content negociation

Front development#

  • With Javascript / Typescript (using React):

    • general principle

    • how to install and integrate js tooling into CW

    • cwelements

    • rql browser

  • With Pyramid:

  • With CubicWeb Views:

  • RDF:

    • the RDF adaptator

    • RDFLib integration into CW


Cubicweb configuration files#

Common Web application tools#